1. Dining Table that are of the Natural Shape

This table is very unique because it is crafted by hand in Phoenix, Arizona. The Natural Form Dining Table from Mesquite Wood will be an amazing décor as well as kitchen element in your dining room.  It is a table for 8 to 10 people so it will be perfect for special occasions and large gatherings. It is created with slabs that are naturally shaped from the firm mesquite wood. It represents the organics. By this, it is very special as well as unique.

  • Specifications of the Naturally Shaped Dining Table from Mesquite Wood:

La Casona Custom Furniture is the manufacturer.

1ccb8f36e5cbc59baebe62bc7e396151Houzzz sells it.

Its Width is 80″.

Its  Depth is 40″.

Its Height is 30″.

Its  Weight is 200 lb.


Here are the materials from which it is made of:

Mesquite Wood.

It is very modern and trendy as well.


  1. NOIR Furniture Zinc Top Round Table With Wooden X Base, Vintage Beige

It is created in a very traditional, simple as well as natural design; very durable, too. It will fit various types of interiors. This is a very unique piece of furniture, too, because its top consists of ancient Roman weaponry elements. It is placed on a firm pine wood base that has a vintage finish. This is why this table is both a decoration and, I am sure, many people will give you compliments.


Its specifications:

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It is Zinc Top and Round Dining Table with wooden X base. Finish is nostalgic vintage. Designs are traditional and simple. Old wood kind and traditional style.
Its dimensions are 60″D x 30″H.



  1. Anand Square Dining Room Table Made of Rosewood, Light Olive, 60″ L X 60″ W X 30


This one is symmetric table that has a base of  a single, centered wood block. The material that it is made of is of a very high quality and made in a very opulent style. You can choose between two sizes as well as 3 finishes. It can be considered as one of the best contemporary dining tables.


  • Product Specifications


7b1e7dc3bbfde9ea0f4628e92c593e42Artemano  is a manufacturer as well as seller.




Color:Light Olive

Size:60″ L X 60″ W X 30″ H

Weight:5600 oz.

Material: Rosewood

Designer: Artemano


  1. Rue de Bac Round Dining Table


Star pattern marquetry inlay with random planked hand-planed veneered top and there are 4 perimeters leaves that can be removed. There is a warranty on 1 year. It is created from mahogany solids and veneers. Has cognac finish. Minimum of 54 inches and maximum of 72.

  • Specifications of the Product:


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Hekman is Manufacturer. ShopLadder sells it. Brown color.




  1. Edward Round Dining Table, Brass

he square base with the round glass top gives this dining table a unique look. The different shapes combine to create an elegant piece for any dining space. No assembly required.


  • Product Specifications


Pangea Home is a manufacturer.

soft-brown-orange-wood-round-expandable-dining-table-with-some-black-cushion-chairs-on-white-rug-area-feat-glass-green-bottle-on-interesting-tableWidth: 60″

Depth: 60″

Height: 30″

Color: Brass

Weight is 90 lb.

Materials are metal and glass.